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Construction and Instruction
1. The castor made of soft material could be ordinary or PU castor. Commonly, it is applicable for wood floor and machine room.
2. The chair leg, whose lifespan is determined by the thickness of the metal frame, can be treated with the surface treatment like spray painting, stoving varnish and electroplating. The higher grade the electroplating, the better resistance to rust it will have. Likewise, the thicker the armrest is, the better the quality is.
3. The pressure bar is used for the chair's rotation and height adjustment. The chassis which connected with the pressure bar supports the upper part.
4. The seat is made of board, renewable or new sponge as well as fabrics like mesh, leather or other. It is connected with the back through steel tube or steel plate. Usually, the chair with plastic frame and mesh features better permeability.
5. The pillows create the great comfort for you.

1. Please be careful when carrying, and avoid collision.
2. After sitting, you should beat the seat to make it get back into its original shape. Moreover, the leather furniture should store in the place away from direct sunlight and heat source.
3. When cleaning, you should be gentle to avoid the surface damage. Proper concentration of subs can be used for the cleaning. After you have cleaned with the water, use dry cloth to dry it. Be sure not to use harsh decontamination products.
4. Regular inspection should be conduct to ensure the normal operation.
5. Do not place unusual weight on the armrest.
6. In order to avoid the plastic aging, you should not place the office chair under the sunlight for long time.

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