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Featuring comfortable seat, simple function and colorful fabrics, it treats you to the feeling of listless time in the summer afternoon. It is really ideal for office leisure areas, coffee houses or saloon bars.

Leisure sofa adopts smooth solid wood which has been polished. It is stable in construction by adopting stainless steel made frame which has gone through the brushed finish treatment. Plus the high-density bouncy sponge and high-carbon zigzag spring, our product is extremely comfortable and durable. In addition, auxiliary materials like environmental glue, non-woven fabrics and so on are applied to enhance its bearing capacity, comfort and long service life. Moreover, S19, S26, and S31 series are available. S19 which is made of red leather has the armchair of 820*830*715mm and the three-person sofa with the size of only 1630*830*715mm. Meanwhile, our lemon yellow S31 features smaller size. Its armchair has the size of 720*700*850mm and the three-person sofa comes with the size of 1640*700*850mm.

HongQiao Furniture is an experienced leisure sofa manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as office sofa, veneer coffee table, manager desk, and meeting room chair.

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