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Staff desk has smooth surface and uniform color. It is free from impurities and bubbles. Also, the adoption of hardware fittings which are linked tightly enables it to feature super fine edge banding and uniform lines.

Our staff desk which features smooth finish is practical though small. With the automatic buffering slide, its drawers furnished work smoothly without noise generation. In addition, our product adopts comfortable leather of superior quality. It comes with two types like MT-27and MT-13. Our unique and red MT-27 with the size of 1300*700*760mm applies stainless steel made foundation. Moreover, the black MT-13 which has the size of 1510*655*790mm is classical in appearance.

Our company is an experienced staff desk manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide range of products, including glass office desk, leather meeting room chair, executive leather chair, office sofa and more.

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