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Manager desk features smooth surface and uniform color. Its hardware fittings adopted are connected tightly together, offering small and even gaps.

Our manager desk adopts qualified E1 medium density fiberboard, first class stainless steel or thick steel tube to offer stable construction and long life span. It is also equipped with hidden type drawer slide and computer wire connecting hole, which is really convenient. MT-15, MT-42, and MT-08 series is magnificent and noble in appearance by adopting leather or artificial leather. With the AA grade technological veneer and natural veneer, DT-06 and DT-10 feature clear texture and natural color. In addition, our black MT-08 with the size up to 2100*860*740mm is simple in design and features beautiful outline. On the other hand, the MT-15 is the preferred choice for females since it takes the red as the dominant color, and its leather touches well.

HongQiao Furniture is a China-based manager desk manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as leisure leather sofa, fashion leather office chair, mesh meeting room chair, and leather veneer office cabinet.

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