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Being small in size, unique and stylish in appearance, bar stool or chair is applicable for many areas like family, internet bar, entertainment place, hotel, and many others. It comes with two kinds like CM-F62BS-2 and (SS) CM-B19BS. The CM-F62BS-2 series is easily moved and can be adjusted with the maximum height up to 2600mm. Meanwhile, (SS) CM-B19BS series comes with seat of plastic frame and stainless steel pedal ring.


Model (SS)CM-B19BS CM-F62BS-2
Seat Height 57.5CM 54.5CM
Chair Width 48CM 56CM
Seat Depth 39CM 47CM
Chair Depth 53CM 56CM
Chair Height 66CM 78CM
Packing Specification(cm) 87*55*56 85*64*35
Packaging Size(M3) 0.268 0.19
Loadability 2 pieces / Carton
Packaging Material K=K Five-layer carton

HongQiao Furniture is a professional bar stool & chair manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include executive leather chair, meeting room glass coffee table, wood veneer conference table, leisure leather sofa, and more.

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