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Made with the ergonomic principle and lift technology, our fashionable and light leisure chair offers noticeable comfort for you. Apart from the adjustable pillow, it is supplied with a footrest which can be used as a stool as well. The chair is also adjustable in height and tilt angle. Two types like CM-B73BS and CM-B74AS+CV-B74F are available. Their maximum adjustable heights are separately 1600mm and 100mm. Moreover, with the thickened seat as well as specially designed arms and back, our leisure chair is extremely comfortable.


Model CM-B73BS CM-B74AS+CV-B74F
Seat Height 44CM 43CM
Chair Width 68CM 80.8CM
Seat Depth 41.5CM 44CM
Chair Depth 60CM 77.5CM
Chair Height 82.5CM 101.5CM
Packing Specification(cm) 95*61*70 97*75*80 / 49*48*33
Packaging Size(M3) 0.41 0.58 / 0.08
Packaging Material K=K Five-layer carton
Loadability Two pieces per carton

HongQiao Furniture is a specialized leisure chair manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including leisure leather sofa, simple glass coffee table, leather veneer office cabinet, and mesh meeting room chair, among others.

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